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Pluma is a FA Little Doll and a Lockeye Ed puppy.
Pluma was born 08/30/03 and now lives in Guatemala.

For Pluma was her first time so she enter in the pre novice category where you have a simple course with very low obstacles (<10") low contacts, tire and tunnels. She won the first place both days.

Awards: Pluma

Pluma was so incredible that she was faster than other Border Collie and a Doberman and get the gold.

In obedience she is a genious of course and at conformation won her first show the first place in a national competition but the judje was from the US so he is familiar with the breed. She made history, the first Border Collie shown here and the herding gorup is one of the hardest because they have lots of German Shepherds and Shelties, but we did excelent 04-16-04.

- Dr. Juan R. León Wyss, Guatemala

Reign is a Breck and Tye puppy. He was born Jan. 2001. Reign is owned and trained by Lorri Seeger. This boy lives in Oregon,USA.

Awards: Reign

Reign was shown in 3 shows and got his CD title.

Awards: Chex

Chex was entered in two trials and won second place in both.

Awards: Vice Weaving Awards: American Kennel Club

Vice is a Maggie and Tye offspring of 2003. He is a red/white short hair border collie owned and trained by Vanessa Mortarino. They now live in North Carolina.

Vice has qualified for USDAA Nationals 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. He has been a Steeplechase and Grand Prix semi-finalist 2005, 2006 and 2007 (2008 not yet attended). He took 4th in the Grand Prix finals at Perry, GA, his first regional event, at the age of 2(first 3 placements were multi-time World Team members). He has his MX, MXJ, his CD and TD(VCD1) as well as his RN.


Habit, who started trialing 1/08, is qualified for USDAA Nationals and his 3 Steeplchase Qs Vice was a 2005, 2006, 2007 Steeplechase semi-finalist and a 2006, 2007 Grand Prix Semifinalist. Is qualified this year for 2008 USDAA Nationals, so his 4 year! ADCH FA Best Vice RN VCD TM-Gold, G-Br, S-Br, Sn-Br, R-Br, AX, MXJ

Vice has made it to the USDAA Nationals 3 years.

He was a 2006 Grand Prix Semi-finalist, 2007 Steeplechase Semifinalist and Grand Prix Semifinalist. His titles are: ADCH FA Best Vice TM-Silver GCh VCD RN AX MXJ.

Awards: Porsche

Awards: Rose

Rose is a Maggie and Fuse offspring born in 2005. She is a certified Therapy dog. Rose lives in Pomfret Center, CT. Rose is owned by Debi Ellsworth. She visits with the elderly at Bayberry Commons, in Pasoag, R.I.

Awards: Kheygan

This is Kheygan, he is a Doll and Gryffyn pup from 2006. He lives in Nevada.