Doll, a Border Collie with long black and white hair, is very loving. She also has her parents drive for work. Doll works calves, sheep and ducks in the pond. Soon her puppies with be making their debut in agility, obedience and herding. One puppy is in Guatemala for agility and obedience. Others have gone to pet homes and doing fine.


DNA Test Report May 02, 2005

Owner's Name and Address: Faye Amos, 22891 Falling Sp. Rd., Decatur, Ar. 72722, USA

Registered Name: FA Little Doll

Registration #: 172668

Tattoo/Chip #: N/A

Call Name: Doll

Breed: Border Collie

Date of Birth: June 30, 2000

Optigen Accession #: 05-2854

Gender: Female

Test Performed: CEA/CH test

Test Results: Genotype of your dog is Carrier.

Risk for developing Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia (CEA/CH): This dog will never develop CEA/CH.

Significance for breeding: This dog should only be bred to a mate of normal CEA/CH genotype in order to avoid producing pups affected with CEA/CH.

OFA: Doll

CERF: Doll