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Here at Faye’s Border Collies located in Decatur, which is in the northwest corner of Arkansas, we train our dogs to work calves, sheep, ducks. We have puppies in several countries. Our puppies are doing agility, obedience, herding, search and rescue, and also great pets. For video clips and more pictures, send an email to fayesbc@hughes.net or call us at 479-752-3605.

If interested in an upcoming litter please send a deposit. We take half the amount of the puppy. Please make checks payable to Faye Amos. Also, please print out a copy of the contract to send with your deposit. Full payment is due when you choose your puppy. If paying with pay pal, please add 3% for service charge.

For more videos of the puppies visit: www.youtube.com/fayeamos

We will be bottle feeding the puppies at 2 weeks as a supplement,only once a day. We will not be taking the puppies off their mother. This is to help bond the puppies to humans. I needed to help a puppy several years ago and she was very bonded with me so I decided to do this with every litter. Since I started this several other breeders have done so too. At 3 weeks we start feeding Diamond puppy food softened with water and goat milk.

We will start potty box training the puppies at 3 weeks old. I will put newspapers on 80% of their pen and a blanket on the other 20%. As the puppies get older the newspaper area gets smaller. At 5 weeks the pups will be using the potty area to do their business in and playing and sleeping in the clean area.

For videos of the puppies visit: http://www.youtube.com/FayeAmos

Our puppies are born in the house and watched closely for a few days. We watch to make sure they are all nursing their mother and gaining weight. Soon they are moved to our puppy house, which is temperature controlled. Puppies, up to 2 weeks of age can’t control their own body heat. At 2 weeks they open their eyes and their ears open also. We turn on the radio so the puppies start listening to different sounds. Providing the temperature is nice outside the pups are exposed to the noises of the farm. They will be brought in the kitchen to learn house sounds and get used to linoleum floors. The pups will have soft toys and noisy toys to run around and play with. At 4-5 weeks the pups are moved to a new puppy house that has a doggy door. Here the pups can go in and out as they please. This puppy house has controlled temperature also, so the pups can come in when they are cold or hot. In there little yard they have several toys to climb on and chase each other around. There are stairs to climb and a slide for sliding.