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Give your dog a new "leash" on life with it's own personals trainer. I have had over 20 years experience.
Private or class lessons given. Let me help make your dog a better pet. Contact me now for an appointment.

Things you will need for training:

1. Love
2. Walking shoes
3. Leash (Not chain)
4. Choke chain
5. Treats
6. Time (20-30 min. per day)

Keep in mind:

· It is best to have only one trainer
· Remember to use the same word for each command!
· Always say the dog’s name before each command (except for the stay command).
· Just give the command one time.
· Be sure to praise the dog when the command is done the right way.
· Remember at first your dog doesn't know what you want him to do.
· Be sure to do all training on leash, that way you have control of the dog.
· Don't give a command unless you CAN enforce it. This means if the dog is across the yard, don't tell it to sit unless you can go make it sit.
· When giving your dog a correction don't pull the dog, you need to give short, quick jerks (Not a steady pull).
· Change the order of commands. If you keep the sequence the same, they anticipate. For example: sit, down, come. Change to sit, stay, heel, down. After the dog has done what you have asked and had its praise give a release word (I use Free).

Commands taught:

Give the command to sit, use your right hand to hold up the head while using your left hand to press down on hips. (You may have to bend the back legs). Always praise. Next step will be to pull leash up with a slight jerk and say sit.

Have your dog in the sit position beside you if possible. Pull the dogs front legs out from under him saying his name and down. Use your left hand to hold him down if necessary. Remember to praise and use the release word.

This exercise is taught in steps. Sit or down your dog, praise. Then put your right hand flat in front of the dogs face, say Stay. Stand for a minute, praise and release. On our next stay take a step away from dog after the command, then step back praise, release. Always be ready for your dog to move. Put him back in place and start again. Do not get mad at your dog, he is learning. After a while you will be able to walk away. Leave your dog with right foot.

Have your dog on your left side using your right hand under chin and lift under the stomach with left hand. While doing this give the command stand. Use name first. Reach under the dog from the side you are on. Do not reach over the dog. You may have to hold him in this position for a while. Praise him.

Have your dog in sit position, walk away, turn to dog and say (Name) come. Have your dog come to you, not past you. You may have your dog looking away from you and then call him to you. You need to start this on a short leash then you can use a long leash. Be sure to give a lot of praise or a treat. Having your dog sit in front of you is a pleasure to see.

This is when you have your dog on your left side, his shoulders even with your leg. Start on your left foot say heel and give a slight jerk with the leash. Remember your dog doesn't know what you want. You may have to bend down and lead him a little. Don't let the dog pull you or lag behind, give small jerks to put him in place.When your dog knows his commands then you need to have distractions. Have someone run by or bounce a ball. Be sure to do all this on a leash.

Solutions to problems taught:

Running away

Working with a choke chain:

This diagram shows how to put on a choke chain.

· Never leave a choke chain on your dog. Always remove it if you are not with your dog.
· Do not let your dog ride with it’s head out the window. Dust, bugs and wind can hurt their eyes.
· Do not let your dog ride loose in the back of your truck. Sometimes a dog will jump out all of a sudden. If they see another dog or cat maybe even after person to play with.
· Exercise your dog. There are different ways to exercise your dog. Set up some Jumps or Play fetch. Dogs love to run and go for walks. In the warmer weather you can take them swimming.

How to start your 8 week old puppy:

1. When you get your puppy do not switch food. Mix yours with what I give you. Do this until you have more of your food than the one the puppy came with.
2. Feed you puppy from your hand and if you have children let them do this also. Sometimes while doing this take the food from them. Your puppy has to know that you can control what goes in and out of its mouth.


3. Walking with a leash. At this early age puppies usually go where they want. You just follow along and don’t let them get into trouble. Watch for a potty break; try not to pull your puppy when they need to stop for this. Of course you give this a name also. As your puppy grows it will know what the word means. Remember that your puppy is a baby and may get tired. Then you must take a long break or carry the pup.
4. When you go for a walk, take a toy that is not always available for the puppy. Make that toy, the special toy. That toy would be for when you are playing with the puppy.
5. When walking let the puppy carry the toy. When he/she drops it you pick it up, throw it and let the puppy fetch it. Do this a few times and let the puppy carry it again.
6. Also when walking take short breaks for the puppy to rest. This is a time when you can make the puppy sit with a command.
7. Teaching the fetch is done in a small area where you can catch the pup or teach on leash. You only throw it about 2 feet to start. Help the puppy pick it up and bring it back to you. When you throw the toy say: fetch or get it. Say come when the puppy is on its way back to you.
8. Play with your puppies feet. This is important and will help with cutting toenails or a hurt paw.
9. If you are going to tug with you puppy be sure to let him/her win some time. Don’t pull hard enough to pull out their teeth. Other times you take it out of their mouth with a command. I say "thank you" to my dogs. When someone hands me something I say "thank you", so why not with your dog.