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This is a contract between the seller, Faye's Border Collies, and the Buyer:
Name: ______________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Email address ________________________________
_______________ has been received as payment in full for one Border Collie puppy from the:_____________________________ breeding. This puppy is (Circle one) not for breeding OR may be used for breeding. *The buyer agrees that if this male or female is allowed to produce/sire puppies, this Border Collie and the dog it is bred with MUST be OFA Certified or Penn Hip test. Also must be CEA normal or carrier. Before the breeding occurs. Buyer will not breed carrier to carrier.

Buyer's initials: ___________.
________________________(Signed by Seller)
Sex of puppy _____ Coat type: ___________ Coat color ________________
Name: __________________

A deposit of half the price of the puppy is due to be put on the deposit list. Deposits are non-refundable. The deposit will transfer to another litter if a puppy is not available. Deposit of $________ has been paid. Buyer please initial. _______ The balance of the price and the cost of the crate is due when the puppy is chosen, or prior to 8 weeks old. No personal checks are accepted for the final payment. This deposit locks in the price for 5 years. After 5 years, if there is a price increase in the puppies, you still have your spot, but you would have to pay the higher price. Your place on the deposit list is determined by the date the deposit was received. The puppy will be shipped by air at the buyer's expense at 8 weeks of age or can be picked up at 7 weeks. One trip to the airport is free, but if additional trips are made because of flight cancellations or weather, and additional fee of $25 per trip will be charged.

Puppies left past 8 weeks will be charged $60 per week or $10 a day if less than one week. This is for training fees. If the puppy's training fees are not paid and exceed the original purchase price then the owner agrees to forfeit ownership of this puppy.

I guarantee this puppy to be healthy and free of disease for 4 days following purchase. If the pup has vaccinations due and they are not received on the DAY they are due to be given and the pup gets sick in any way, guarantee is null and void. A shot record will be provided. The Breeder shall not be responsible for any expenses incurred after the puppy physically changes ownership.

What are the buyer's intentions for this puppy? (circle any that apply) Agility, herding, flyball, pet, Search and Rescue, frisbee.

Your puppy can be AKC and/or ABCA registered. Some of our dogs are only AKC registered and ABCA registered. An application for AKC will be sent with your puppy. ABCA papers are applied for when the litter is sold or at 4 months. Please submit a name and $12.00 for this to be done.

I guarantee this dog to be free of genetic eye and hip defects until the age of 14 months. The dog must be x-rayed and the x-rays sent off to OFA for Certification for the Hip guarantee to be valid. It is required that the puppy be OFA certified between 24-26 months old. The buyer shall be responsible for any expenses incurred for these tests. A copy of these test results is to be mailed to the Breeder. If the dog is found to be affected with HD, the dog will be replaced or the purchase price refunded (breeders Choice) if no puppies are available within the next 12 months. The defective dog must be returned to the breeder. (0ptional) The buyer pays the cost of shipping the replacement puppy. The breeder is not to be held responsible for any expenses related to the raising or training of the dog prior to the hip and eye testing.

If the puppy was purchased with the intention of working livestock and it does not show any interest in livestock by the age of 14 months, it will be replaced with a puppy of the same age as when purchased. This shall be within 12 months of the date the breeder is notified or a refund will be given. The breeder has the option of refunding the purchase price instead of replacing the puppy. There will be no refund or replacement if the puppy is worked on cattle or non-dog broke sheep before 12 months of age. Herding instinct can be affected/replaced by intense toy play, so there will be no livestock interest guarantee if the puppy is not purchased specifically for herding.

For the first year in a puppy's life the bones are still growing and developing. Jumping a puppy too high and frequently can cause health problems. The puppy is not to be jumped over elbow height prior to one year of age, or hip guarantee is null and void. There will be no refund of the original purchase price.

The puppy must be returned to the breeder or no replacement/refund will be given. Shipping is the buyer's expense.

We place our puppies in homes we intend to be permanent, however as the breeder of the puppy, we will always accept its return.

If the dog is sent back to the breeder for any reason, the ABCA and AKC papers must be given to the breeder with a signed transfer. The breeder may require a video of the dog.

When registering the dog the letters FA will appear before the name.

Signed: Seller ______________________________ Date: ____________________

Signed: Buyer _______________________________ Date: ____________________