Tye loves to work cows, calves, sheep. He will also work ducks. Tye is a border collie that has learned to work with whistle commands. He helps with medicating the livestock. Tye has sired several litters, all the pups have done what the owners have expected. Some have went to agility homes, pet homes, herding, (farm work) SAR homes and obedience homes. I have 3 daughters of his which have proved to be very good stock dogs. Tye plays with the Frisbee but will fetch anything he can pick up. He is also a gentleman, when playing with several dogs and only a few toys. He will not go out to take the toy, Tye lets the girls have it.


DNA Test Report June 07, 2005

Owner's Name and Address: Faye Amos, 22891 Falling Sp. Rd., Decatur, Ar. 72722, USA

Registered Name: Tye

Registration #: ABC 129533

Tattoo/Chip #: N/A

Call Name: Tye

Breed: Border Collie

Date of Birth: June 01, 1998

Optigen Accession #: 05-3693

Gender: Male

Test Performed: CEA/CH test

Test Results: Genotype of your dog is Normal.

Risk for developing Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia (CEA/CH): This dog will never develop CEA/CH.

Significance for breeding: This dog can be bred to any mate and will produce no pups affected with CEA/CH.


OFA: Tye